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QUEST Microwave was founded in 1996 by Nabeel Khayat and Alan Campbell with a goal to provide the microwave industry with a reliable source of precision microwave devices. Our staff has over 60 years experience in Microwave Electronics, its no wonder that QUEST Microwave started to grow filling a void in the global commercial and military Microwave components market.

Today QUEST Microwave has a brand new 5,000 square foot building located in Morgan Hill California USA. The design, assembly, testing, and some manufacturing of QUEST's products takes place at the state of the art facility in Morgan Hill. QUEST maintains close business relations with several quality manufacturing firms around the world to provide quick turnaround from prototype to production.

The pictures above show our benchtop CNC milling machines and a look around the assembly and testing areas.

The pictures above show a waveguide being tested from 40 to 45 GHz with our Anritsu 37297C Microwave Analyzer which is capable of testing up to 65 GHz.

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